Development and İntegration of Health Literacy Education With İnnovative Methods in Medical Curricula Across Europe

InterdIscIplInary AssocIatIon For PopulatIon Health ScIence (IAPHS) / İtaly 

International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences is a cultural and scientific association located in Italy. Its goals are
1. to promote scientific research in the field of psychology, also in cooperation with Scientific Entities and Organisations both public and private, national and international
2. To collect and elaborate data, to structure and implement psychological intervention and to disseminate information regarding applied psychology and human sciences
3. to divulge the methodology of scientific research, psychology and human sciences
4. to facilitate critical knowledge and learning of Applied Psychology
5. to promote and organize training courses, seminars, congresses, workshop, conferences about Applied Psychology and Human Sciences;
6. to promote psychological knowledge in other professions, facilitating the multidisciplinarity
7. to manage and implement european projects
In 2019 IIAPHS had more than 1000 associates and worked especially in the fields of
1. the organization and implementation Training Courses of Applied Psychology: IIAPHS implemented in Turin, Milan, Padua and Rome the following courses: Non Verbal
Communication and Lie Detection. IAPHS is involved also in free courses with free courses aimed to divulge Applied Psychology like “How to use mind to change” and “Persuasion”.
2. the organization and implementation of International Conferences of Psychology
3. the association participated at 14 EU Projects Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2, increasing their knowledge in the fields of education, trainings, production of dissemination plans, production of e-learning platforms and social media campaigns. The past projects has been implemented on a broad range of aspects related to psychology: work and organisational psychology.
clinical psychology, psychology of tourism, psychology of disability, psychometrics. IAPHS is partner of a complementary project called “Ethical Young Leaders”, designed to promote ethical leadership in youngsters.
IIAPHS includes experts in psychology and social sciences: social psychology. psychometrics, criminal psychology. psychology of marketing. forensic psychology, cultural psychology.
Our network include professionals from several EU countries. The vast majority of associates are learners, we believe that this characteristics will facilitate us in implement proper dissemination plan. Moreover, IIAPHS experts are fully available in sharing their network of contacts online through internet dissemination strategies involving website with a total result of 1 million visualization/year and 40000 subscribers at the newsletter.