Gazi University

In Gazi University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health, European Medical Students’ Association- Gazi Member Organization, International Federation of Medical Students’ Association- Turkey’s Gazi Local Representation will actively work in the project.

1- Our faculty of medicine has both English Medicine and Turkish Medicine programs. Both programs are accreditated by WFME-accredited national body, TEPDAD. Prof. Dr. Sevil İlhan, vice dean for education and pharmacologist, will be actively involved for implementation of the process as she is the president of Curriculum Development Council, Assessment& Evaluation Council, Phase Coordinators Council, as well as Phase III coordinator. Also she is working on Council of Higher Education

2- Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health has 20 residents, 6 academics and has been involved in many educational program development procedures such as problem-based learning, clinical skills learning, evidence-based medicine and field studies actively. Prof. Dr. Secil Ozkan from Department of Public Health, as she has both medical doctor degree and master degree in education management and supervision. She has worked as President of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Public Health Institution, was responsible for the employment of 10000 medical doctors across Turkey so that she has had the opportunity to examine field/rural issues both in health set-up and medical doctor aspects. Also since 2015, she has been involved in the Ministry of Health’s Health Policies Council, Educational Council for both undergraduate and post-graduate education. Focus areas of her studies are involved in the development of health; application of health information and sustainability of healthcare. She has also worked in awareness raising studies for health literacy in health literacy undergraduate and post-graduate courses as well as public courses. She is a successful academic staff in collaboration with stakeholders; project management and research in international projects. She is currently working in Curriculum Development Council in faculty of medicine. She will be involved in the project for management and collaboration with stakeholders.

3- European Medical Students’ Association- Gazi Member Organization, International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA)- Turkey’s Gazi Local Representation, which are medical student clubs actively working for further advocacy for the development of health. Ihsan Selcuk Yurttas from European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)- Gazi Member Organization, is an IFMSA certified Medical Education Youth Trainer. He is actively giving training sessions in curriculum development and advocacy across Europe. He is a member of Self-Evaluation Council, Digital Medical Education Applications Council and Student Representatives Council in faculty of medicine. He is a high-skilled computer user, especially in visual content development such as animations and videos. He has been one of the contributors of EMSA adopted policy paper, Health Literacy in Medical Education which have also accepted by WHO Europe. He is EMSA’s official magazine’s, EuroMeds, Chief Editor, EMSA’s Turkish Chapter’s executive board member, founder of EMSA Turkey’s NGO. He will be responsible for awareness raising, IT development for e-learning and OER platforms and international dissemination by using EMSA and IFMSA channels.