Project Activities

National & International Literature Research: By reviewing the literature, partners will be responsible for determining health literacy education programs in European medical schools/faculties.
Determining necessities: Before starting the program development part, there will be studies on 4 target groups for determining necessities. On these target groups, each partner will access and study with a certain number of people. After receiving data from these studies, partners will meet and share results with each other in order to analyze and integrate compiled information to the newly-developing curriculum. Whole necessity analysis will be merged by the coordinator and reported.

With this aim, the training program will be developed (appr. 5 days) on “health literacy contents with participation and peer education methods” subject and training event will be organized in a partner country for training other partners. At the end of training events, each country will have 3-4 trainers.

In this way, health literacy for medical education will be an exemplary and innovative educational program that will contribute to improving community health in Europe.